Women's Xcel Team


Competing is a excellent opportunity for your child to learn that with hard work they can achieve their goals and build self-confidence.

Xcel is a great program that allows athletes to be a part of the competitive team, as well as other activities outside of the gym. However, a commitment to train during the summer is required.  We compete in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels have the opportunity to compete at the Regional level.  The Xcel team has two training levels. 

Bronze and Silver:  

This is a way for athletes to get the chance to compete without as much commitment and less traveling.  They train once a week for 3 hours.

Gold, Platinum and Diamond:  

This requires more commitment.  They train twice a week for 3 hours each day during the school year and twice a week for 4 hours during the summer.

The competitive team is by invitation only once you have completed 1st year Bronze. Competing is not required.

Watch the BLOG for results from our competitive season, see our 9.0 club and pictures.